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Welcome to the official website of Hair Stylist and Educator, KaySandra Hunt. Let's talk short hair in Chicago....

Short hair styles are definitely stylish and chic. You could choose a cut that allows you to wear it trendy when out dancing at night and then polished for the office or work.A huge benefit of short hair styles involves convenience and low maintainance. For professional clients, they want something that looks presentable and also easy to manage.

Short hair is also sensual and sexy! You can take an out-of-date look and completely change your appearance by cutting your hair short. In fact, most women that go from long to short hair are amazed at how much younger, and thinner they look. Short hair not only makes you look better but feel better. You will have more energy and vibrancy, sort of stepping light.If you are tired of the same old thing with your hair day after day, and ready to make a change, then this might be the right time to have your hair shortened. Just remind yourself that if for some reason you are not happy with the cut, your hair will grow back but chances are, you will be more than thrilled with the result!

So, let's get you in the chair for a new experience!